Lamborghini Forgets Its A Car, Becomes A Submarine

Gallardo is called "a classic sports car with an exceptionally powerful engine." But even Lamborghini didn’t know it could do this.

Roads and intersections in San Diego remained flooded and slowed commutes as El Nino-fueled weather brought heavy rainfall to drought-parched Southern California.

But even massive floodwater couldn't stop one Lamborghini Gallardo owner who came upon an flooded intersection and drove right through it.

The Italian manufacturers tout Gallardo as “a classic sports car, rear-wheel drive with an exceptionally powerful engine.” But even the Italian manufacturers must be surprised to see the supercar doubling as a submarine.

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As impressive as the feat may appear, a lot of people think the driver’s stunt should not be encouraged or advertised.

“Water entering the air intake(s) of a vehicle can easily lead to hydrolocking, a phenomenon that usually destroys the engine,” stated car news website Auto Evolution.

Automobile Mag more or less reiterated the same point saying: “While the drivetrain might have thankfully escaped a watery grave, the same might not be said for the front trunk space, as the angular hood was swamped more than once.”

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