$400,000 Lamborghini Goes Up In Flames In The Middle Of A Busy Street

Eyewitnesses claim that the fire started in the engine, but the driver had no clue until the flames engulfed a large part of his luxurious sports car.

Whatever car fanatics’ worst nightmares are made of, they certainly could not be worse than this.

A helpless Lamborghini driver had to watch his posh yellow sports car burst into flames under a bridge in Blackfriars, London, during the afternoon rush hour on Wednesday.

It appears the fire started in the rear engine of the vehicle, but the driver was completely clueless about it until the better part of his car was ablaze and people were screaming at him to get out.

Fortunately, the motorist managed to exit the vehicle unscathed, but it was too late to save the $400,000 Lamborghini.

The London Fire Brigade immediately responded to the scene, and it took 10 minutes for six firefighters to tackle the blaze. Traffic was brought to a standstill.

“This chap was sitting in traffic and I heard the car revving then someone shouted, ‘Your car is on fire,’” Dan Jenks, who filmed the incident, told the Evening Standard. “It started off as a small flame on the side and then it escalated very quickly getting close to the engine. At the start, it just looked like the exhaust was flaming like some super cars do. The police got everybody as far back as possible.”



“The driver was revving up the car at traffic lights in a queue, there was a loud bang and the engine caught fire,” recalled another witness, Amanda Compton. “Amazingly passersby were standing next to it watching. It could have gone up at any moment.”

Watch the shocking incident in the video above.

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