Friends Of Cancer Victim Give Her The Best Parting Tribute Ever

Classmates of high school senior who died of cancer put together a touching yearbook style tribute to honor their friend’s strength.

Laura Hillier, a Canadian high school senior, passed away on Jan. 20 after battling with myeloid leukemia. Dealing with the illness, the young girl never got a chance to graduate and receive a yearbook, but her classmates managed to give her the best goodbye present.

One of her friends posted a picture of Hillier’s coffin on Imgur, showing how all her classmates had come together to decorate her casket with handwritten notes and heart-felt messages.

Hillier had battled cancer earlier on in life, but sadly, the disease returned in November 2015. Although she was doing better around the first week of January, and was even able to leave intensive care, things took a sudden turn and she passed away on Jan. 20.

A Facebook page in the teen's name had documented her fight and efforts to find her a donor. Now, Hillier’s friends, family and supporters are remembering the teen and put together an extremely touching funeral.

From the posts and messages on the page, it's easy to see that Hillier was loved by many, and even though she lives in this world no more, she has left a lasting imprint on many people’s hearts, and serves as an inspiration to many others in the same boat.

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