Police Tell People Not To Call 911 If They Are ‘Mad At A Candidate’

A Kansas police department has posted two hilarious pieces of advice on Twitter revolving around the highly anticipated presidential debate.

Apparently, some people believe it is OK to call the police if they disapprove of a presidential candidate. At least that’s what’s happening in Lawrence, Kansas.

The Lawrence Police Department posted a tweet on their official Twitter account on the night of the debate explaining “being mad at a presidential candidate” is not a reason to call 911.


It's not clear just how many residents took to dialing the emergency number to vent out their frustrations at either GOP nominee Donald Trump or Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, rather than ranting on social media like most other people. Nor do we know what they expected the police department to do about it. (Or if this was just a preemptive tweet from the police because they just knew someone would try to call.)

But this isn’t the only thing that has been bothering the Lawrence police. Another tweet soon accompanied the first one cautioning voters against drinking each time a candidate says “yuge.”


The tweets have generated a lot of hilarity within the Twitterverse.


Lawrence Police

Lawrence Police

Lawrence Police

However, some others are skeptical of the tweets’ authenticity.

Lawrence Police

Whether it’s the Lawrence police’s idea of a joke or not, it’s doesn’t hurt to be forewarned.

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