Lawyer To Take Glock Into Target As ‘Bodyguard’ Against Trans People

A Christian lawyer claimed she needed a glock as protection from trans people in restrooms.

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Target’s recent decision to promote an inclusive policy regarding transgender individuals using their bathrooms and fitting rooms has been met with heavy backlash from conservative critics.

According to USA Today, over 500,000 people have signed a petition created by the American Family Association, a Christian activist group claiming that they will be boycotting Target over this new policy.

One Christian took a different approach, however. Anita Staver, president of the Christian law group, The Liberty Council, took to Twitter to declare that she would be carrying her gun with her inside Target bathrooms to protect herself from transgender assaults.

Unsurprisingly, Staver is married to Mat Staver—“head of the legal team that defended Kentucky’s outspoken anti-marriage equality county clerk Kim Davis in her effort to deny same-sex couples the right to marry," Raw Story reports.

This manufactured controversy and outrage from conservatives regarding transgender people in bathrooms is nonsense. Instances of trans individuals assaulting women in restrooms is virtually nonexistent, and the logic behind anti-trans laws such as North Carolina’s hold no merit.

For one, laws specifying trans people must use bathrooms that are in line with their anatomical gender identity would require that women who have chosen to transition into men would have to use women’s restrooms—meaning women would encounter males in their restrooms much more frequently.

These laws solve a nonexistent problem, and it is admirable that Target has been an outspoken ally of transgender rights.

Banner Image Credit: Facebook, Anita Staver

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