Lawyers Say Trump Never Got Money From Russians, With 'Few Exceptions'

After President Donald Trump's lawyers said his tax returns show no money coming from Russia, with "few exceptions," Twitter took them to task — and the result is hilarious.

After President Donald Trump fired now former FBI Director James Comey, many speculated that the motives behind this move had a lot to do with the agency's investigation into Russia's alleged interference in the 2016 presidential election. As a result, the media lit up, explaining in detail just how fear of being exposed prompted Trump to act the way he did.

This afternoon, a letter sent from lawyers Sheri A. Dillon and William F. Nelson to their client, the president, was released by the White House, claiming that Trump's income tax returns show no income from, or debt owed, to Russian sources, with “few exceptions.”

Unfortunately, the exceptions in this case are pretty “huge,” to say the least.

According to Trump's attorneys, the president received $95 million from a Russian billionaire due to a transaction involving a Trump-owned estate, and $12.2 million in payments tied to the Miss Universe pageant held in Moscow in 2013.

On the internet, social media users thought the “few exceptions” quote was noteworthy. And the results were as expected.

To some Twitter users, “few exceptions” was such a poor choice of words that they decided to try it on other presidents.

Some tied the comments to Trump's favorite TV network: Fox.

And others just couldn't help but make fun of Trump's comments regarding his kids.

But some of the most fun comments came from users who were just trying to crack a few jokes at the president's expense.

Never a dull day in Trump's America.

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