Will The 2016 Oscars Break Leonardo DiCaprio’s Losing Curse?

Always the nominee, never the winner. Is DiCaprio jinxed?

With a lifetime in the acting business, Leonardo DiCaprio has racked up dozens of starring rolls and even a few Oscar nominations. But he has yet to take home the coveted golden statue.

Although quite a few of his roles, like Jack in “Titanic” and Arnie in “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape,” are fan favorites, DiCaprio hasn’t managed receive Hollywood's highest honor in his durable career.

While this could be sheer bad luck, the star still hasn’t lost hope. And why should he? DiCaprio is possibly one of the best actors Hollywood has produced, and maybe this year he will get an Academy Award for “The Revenant” after all.

Check out the video above to see all the times DiCaprio had to clap for others as they received awards for categories he was nominated in.

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