DiCaprio’s Acceptance Speech Is The Best Part Of His Oscar Win

After six nominations and a range of amazing movies, the Titanic star lived his dream (and many other people’s too) by winning the Oscar

Leonardo DiCaprio has finally won the Oscars and of course the world is absolutely stoked!

As Leo was called upon stage to receive the Best Actor Award for “The Revenant”, people applauded profusely in honor of his win.

But Leo getting the Oscar was not the best part of his win, as his speech absolutely stole the show. “Making The Revenant was about man’s relationship to the natural world, the world that we collectively felt in 2015 as the hottest year in recorded history, our production who did the Southern tip of this planet just to be able to find snow. Climate change is real, it is happening right now,” the Oscar winner said as he spoke about The Revenant.

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“We need to support leaders around the world who do not speak for the big polluters and the big corporations, but who speak for all of humanity, for the indigenous people of the world, for the billions and billions of underprivileged people who are most affected by this, for our children’s children, and for those people out there whose voices have been drowned out by the politics of greed,”-he added. 

Well, with a brilliant speech like that and an Oscar win after six nominations, Leo well-deserves to be celebrating like never before!


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