Lightning Strikes The Empire State Building In This Epic Clip

On Monday, New York-based journalist Henrik Moltke captured a rare moment on his iPhone in which the Empire State Building got struck by lightning.

Journalist Henrik Moltke uploaded a stunning clip to YouTube on Monday of the Empire State Building being struck by lightning.

During a summer thunderstorm in New York City, Moltke had his camera lens on the 102-story building, waiting for the awe-inspiring moment.

“I got that,” he proclaimed during the video in the moments after the electric bolt descended from the skies.

According to the Empire State Building’s website, the building is struck by lightning on average 23 times in a year and acts as a lightning rod for its surroundings.

The static electricity is so strong at the top of the building, that given the right atmospheric conditions, it’s been known for couples to feel an electric shock when they kiss.

Watch Moltke’s viral YouTube video of the strike, which he aptly titled “Boom!” below. There were not any known damages from the lightning bolt.


Banner/Thumbnail Credits: Reuters

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