Lil Wayne And Jeff Goldblum’s Super Bowl Ad Causes Uproar

The new commercial for, which will air during Sunday’s Super Bowl 50, appears to be harmless but has already caused much controversy.

While all Super Bowl ads aim to be memorable, there are always a few that draw criticism for being too graphic, insensitive or both. Sometimes, however, the outrage ends up way overblown, as has happened this year with a new commercial featuring Lil Wayne and Jeff Goldblum.

Real estate site recently debuted its 2016 Super Bowl advert set to “The Jeffersons” catchy theme song “Movin' On Up.” While the complete ad will air during Sunday’s game, the 60-second spot released online portrays Goldblum as a "Silicon Valley maverick" who is literally moving on up to a deluxe apartment in the sky while sitting atop a grand piano.

As he rises higher and higher along the city skyline, Goldblum’s character spots Lil Wayne and George Washington firing up the grill on their posh rooftop to celebrate the Super Bowl.

For those unfamiliar with the sitcom, Wayne and the former POTUS were representing Weezy and George, the two main characters from “The Jeffersons.”

Overall, the ad seems pretty silly, but appears to have sparked outrage for being “racist” and “discriminatory” in nature.

Apparently, some critics view Weezy cooking for George, who was known to be a slave owner, as being “low-key racist,” according to TMZ.

While TMZ did not identify the critics, who more than likely are some online trolls, a source close to the rapper has clarified that the ad is “meant to be funny and not the least bit offensive” and that “people need to calm down.” has not commented on the controversy yet.

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