Lindsay Lohan Punched For Trying To ‘Steal’ Kids From Refugee Family

“You are ruining Arabic culture by doing this. You are taking these children. They want to go. I am with you on this. Boys, don’t worry,” said Lohan, as she pursued the family.


It seems Lindsay Lohan is having a complete mental breakdown. Just a few weeks after she called sexual assault survivors “weak,” the actress unabashedly filmed herself stalking and harassing a Syrian refugee family.

The “Parent Trap” actress documented the bizarre interaction in which she insisted on helping a refugee family, whom she claims were Syrians, apparently in Moscow. Throughout the video, Lohan speaks to them in weirdly accented English and what is apparently Arabic.

In the video, Lohan approaches the family who were resting by the street and asked them to “tell your story” so she could help them. She then offered to book them a hotel room. However, the family did not seem to be in the least bit interested and it is not even sure they understood what Lohan was saying.

The actress also just wanted the woman and her children to go with her, not the husband. However, when she did not receive a positive response from the refugee, she started insisting, quite aggressively, snatching at the family’s blanket. The family, which looked confused, got up, picked up their stuff and started walking away from Lohan, who relentlessly pursued them.

Lohan then accused the family of trafficking their children.

“Now, I know who you are. Don’t f*** with me. You are ruining Arabic culture by doing this. You are taking these children. They want to go. I am with you on this. Boys, don’t worry,” she said, still stalking the family.

She also seemed to revise her earlier estimation of the family being Syrian and said, “From Pakistan. Don’t f*** with Pakistan.”

At one point, she apparently tried to grab the hand of one of the children to stop him from leaving with the family. Predictably, the mother did what any woman would do when a seemingly deranged woman kept stalking them and seemed hell bent on taking away her children: she turned around and hit Lohan, reportedly on the face.

The camera veered off dramatically and Lohan’s cries can be heard in the background. When the camera steadied, the family was gone and Lohan was holding her cheek saying, “I’m like in shock right now, I’m just like so scared.”

The entire incident was not just disturbing, Lohan’s misguided attempt at helping the family seemed more like entitlement. The actress has been keeping a low profile and apparently dabbling in activism but her latest stunt seemed to have put her back on the spotlight — and not in a good way. 

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