Live Show Goes On Despite A Lion Attacking A Screaming Toddler

Not only did the show went on, all the grown-ups around her, including her mother, continued to laugh and carried on with the segment.

A shocking clip from 2003, from a Mexican television show Con Sello de Mujer, is doing rounds on the internet, showing a lion cub pouncing on a baby.

The segment starts off peacefully, with the toddler sitting in her mother’s lap and the wild animal on the floor, calmly, with his handlers.

But suddenly, the baby begins to cry and it appears the noise annoys the animal, which then lunges towards the screaming tot.

The lion tries to bite the baby’s leg, however, gnaws at its clothes while the show’s panel separates the two.

As disturbing as the scenario was, it’s shocking to see how calm and cheerful the grown-ups around the baby were during a potentially deadly situation.

Fortunately, the little girl wasn’t hurt and the trainers later said the lion was only playing with the toddler.

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