Afghan Boy Wearing Plastic Bag Lionel Messi Jersey Gets A Big Surprise

An Afghan child, who gained popularity for being Lionel Messi’s biggest fan, finally had his dream come true.

A young Afghan boy became an Internet sensation earlier this year after he was seen wearing a stripped plastic bag Jersey like that of Barcelona star Lionel Messi.

Murtaza Ahmadi, 5, is a huge fan of the Argentinean soccer star but his impoverished family couldn’t afford a real Jersey or football like that of his idol.

Although the young boy hasn’t met his role model yet, a huge surprise in the form of a package from Messi reached Ahmad in Afghanistan.

On Feb. 24, UNICEF Afghanistan tweeted:


It is indeed heartwarming to know that an underprivileged boy living in difficult situations in the war-torn country has had his dream come true, and now can wear a real Messi jersey. This is just a sign that good people around the world still exist, and even though it may often take long, everything is achievable. Hopefully, Murtaza will one day even meet his idol.

Banner / Thumbnail : Reuters

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