Little Boy Overjoyed At Adoption After 832 Days In Foster Care

A child who has spent nearly three years in the foster care system has finally found his forever family, and the internet needs a box of tissues.

This little boy's reaction to being adopted may just break the internet.

On Dec. 20, during a season when other kids are wishing for the latest gadgets and toys, a little boy finally had his wish for a forever family granted after 832 days in the foster care system. The Huffington Post reported on the story that both breaks and warms the heart.

Michael, who is 3 years old, has spent his young life in the foster care system. Tara Montgomery, a single mother with two daughters, took Michael in when he was just 18 months old and was already his third foster parent.

"As a single parent, I was not looking to adopt, just to help kids during transition," Montgomery told The Huffington Post. "But that changed with Michael. It felt like he was a part of our family right from the start."

In a strange twist of fate, Michael shares his last name (Brown) with his new adoptive sisters, who took to Twitter to share their joy with the world.

The tweets from Dezhianna Brown's Twitter page have quickly gone viral as more than 100,000 people have shared in their happiness.

Michael's triumphant little hand punching the air and his big smile are so genuine, it's easy to tell that he has found a loving home. What a wonderful end to 2016 and bright beginning to a long and happy future together for this family.

Banner Image Credit: Flickr, Gary Knight

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