This Little Boy Wants Justice From Mike Pence For Thwacking His Nose

At the end of the speech, Vice President Mike Pence stretched his arms a little too far — and hit a kid standing behind him solidly on the nose.

This little boy just wants a little respect. And he will do anything to get it from Mike Pence.

On Tuesday, Pence, wife Karen, first daughter Ivanka Trump and national security adviser H.R. McMaster hosted a slew of military families during the National Military Spouse Appreciation Day at the White House. In an effort to be the consummate hosts, the Pence family let the little kids touch their rabbits as well as thanked the guests for protecting the country.

The entire speech went without a hitch — until the very end, at least. As Pence said the words, “Thank you all very much. God bless you and God bless these wonderful kids,” he extended his arms a little too far and bopped a little kid standing right behind him on the nose.

The Huffington Post edited the full exchange and you can see the kid’s startled and betrayed expression as Pence’s arm connects with his nose at the 0:06 second mark.

In an example of self-restraint, the pint-sized guest stayed quiet until the end of the speech. Once the vice president was finished though, the little boy went after him to take revenge for the “assault.”

“Excuse me. Excuse me,” the boy said trailing after Pence in a bid to get him to apologize publicly. It seemed the vice president had gone momentarily deaf because he did not turn, or even seemed to hear, the child’s multiple pleas to be heard.

“You owe me an apology,” said the indignant boy as Pence continued with his photo shoot. The video ends there but the kid eventually got an apology from the slippery Mike Pence.

The vice president has recently kept himself under the radar as President Donald Trump sparked outrage by firing the director of the FBI, James Comey. But he hasn’t done the Trump administration’s PR any favors by getting on the wrong side of this kid!

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