Little Girl Asks Santa To ‘Leave Presents, Take Brother’

This little Canadian girl wasted no money on stamps this Christmas. Instead of sending a letter to Santa, she wrote what she wanted in the snow.

Knowing that Santa Claus was coming to town, 9-year-old Jennifer Murphy from Canada decided to leave him a message. Now, the video showing the girl’s naughty feat is going viral.

In a Facebook post, her mom, Jo-Ann Murphy, said that after a big snowfall her daughter decided to leave a message to Santa in red asking him to please take her brother away.

In the front of the family’s house, the child wrote “Santa stop here. Leave presents. Take brother!”

And on the side of the house, the message continued with: “Santa, I tried! Brother was [the] worst."

According to CBC, 13-year-old Ryan Murphy, the brother little Jennifer wants gone, was not bothered by the message. After all, mom said, it was just a good-natured joke.

The video, which was posted on Dec. 17, had over 2,000 views by its fourth day online.

While we hope the boy isn’t really taken anywhere; it’s clear that both he and his little sister have a great sense of humor.

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