Little Girl Really Gets Into 'Moana' Performance, Inspires Everyone

Sophia Urquijo of Miami didn't hold anything back during her now-viral preschool graduation performance of "How Far I'll Go" from the movie "Moana."

Disney's "Moana" is about a strong-willed, independent young girl who navigates the Pacific Ocean. Since the movie's release last year, the fictional character has become a great role modelfor young kids everywhere.

At least 4-year-old Sophia Urquijo thinks so. During her preschool graduation in Miami, Urquijo and her classmates sang along to the movie's song "How Far I'll Go" as a surprise for parents. While all the kids did wonderful jobs, Urquijo definitely stole the show.

From the video recorded by her mom, Michelle Neshin, Urquijo got really into it, busting out all the moves. It now has over 14 million views on Facebook.

"She's usually spunky and has a [quirky] personality, but that was something else even for her," Neshin, told ABC News.

Can we blame her? The song is pretty empowering. 


Banner/thumbnail image credit: Flickr user Peter & Joyce Grace

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