5th-Grader Writes Note With Google Translate To Befriend New Classmate

Amanda Moore wanted to let a classmate know that he could sit with her, but there was a language barrier. So she tapped into her resources to write him a heartwarming letter.

An elementary school student in southern California is doing her part to make the world a kinder place — and we could all stand to learn a thing or two from her generosity.

Amanda Moore, age 10, of Temecula, California, saw a new classmate sitting by himself at Paloma Elementary. The boy, Rafael, had just moved from Mexico and was unfamiliar with English, ABC 7 reports.

"I just wanted to tell him it's OK if he could sit over by us," Amanda said. "Even though we can't really speak Spanish together, I don't really know Spanish, but we could still hang out."

So Amanda used Google Translate to write a letter to the student.

The letter reads:

"Would you like to sit with me today? Look for me and I will show you where I sit. We can color or simply tell scary stories. Thank you for your time, signed Amanda."

Amanda’s mom, Kimber Kinard, says the boy cried upon receiving the letter.

"She walked over and gave it to him, and he stared at Amanda and then he opened it up and was trying to read it," she said. "When he finished reading it, his eyes were welling up with tears and then Amanda's eyes were welling up with tears.

The class stood up and clapped, and Rafael gave Amanda a hug.

Kinard herself became emotional after finding out about her daughter’s deed.

“I broke into tears,” Kinard said over the phone with The Washington Post. “This is probably the sweetest thing I’ve seen in my life.”

The two are reportedly learning each other’s native languages, with Amanda using a language app on her phone. They even went trick-or-treating together after discovering they live on the same street.

Sweetest thing, indeed. 

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