Little Kid Saves Man Having Heart Attack In Parking Lot

A child with an 'active imagination' forced his grandmother to turn the car around to help the man lying lifeless on the cement in Franklin, Virginia.

A young boy with an "overactive imagination" was responsible for the rescue of a man who went into cardiac arrest in a Lowe's parking lot, MSN reports

The incident took place in Franklin, Virginia, when Karter Thorpe, 6, spotted a man lying on the ground of the parking lot as his grandmother, Carolyn Cook, drove around, looking for a place to park. 

Thorpe apparently told his grandma to turn around, but kids will be kids and at first, grandma didn't believe him.

"No, you have to stop! He's hurt, he's hurt. You have to go back!" Thorpe reportedly yelled.

"I said that a few times and then she turned around to show me I was wrong," Thorpe told WTKR.

Sure enough, there was a man lying still next to his truck. Cook said the victim, who was having a heart attack, was "gasping for air."

An onlooker performed CPR, and Cook called 911. The man was later moved by a team of rescuers to a hospital close by. 

A week passed, and the man's family contacted Cook to tell her he would have died if not for Thorpe's keen eye, which is why they consider Thorpe their "little angel." 

WTKR reports the families plan to meet up once the man, who wishes to remain anonymous, has recovered. 

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