Live Weather Forecast Gets Interrupted By Annoying Windows Pop-Up

A meteorologist attempted to present the weather forecast during her segment when she was hilariously interrupted by a pop-up window.

windows 10

Things got a little awkward during a live weather broadcast when a Windows 10 software update request decided to make a cameo appearance. 

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Metinka Slater, a meteorologist in the Des Moines, Iowa area, was presenting her forecast map to viewers when one of those pesky pop-ups appeared and blocked the screen.

Slater noticed the window fairly quickly, but played it off like a champ before skipping to the next slide.

Microsoft didn’t let her get off that easily as her screen froze on the following slide, interrupting her forecast yet again and prompting her to poke fun that perhaps the news station shouldn’t update after all.

These are the type of blunders that break up the daily monotony of life and bring a little laughter to the start of a work day.

Watch the way Slater smoothly handles the unexpected interruption below: 

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Banner Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot 

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