Woman Filmed Spitting, Kicking And Swearing At McDonald’s Doorman

There are people out there who are unfortunately vile – and innocent people end up paying a price for their ill fortune.

The video above was posted online by Danny Daniel, a McDonald’s doorman, in hopes of identifying the woman involved.

The footage captures a very ill-manned and ill-tempered woman kicking and swearing at Daniel.

The racist incident took place on Raneleigh Street in Liverpool city center, United Kingdom.

She can be heard calling the man a “f*****g foreigner,“ asking where he was born and trying to kick and spit on him.

When Daniel moves to remove her, she drags her leg back to deliver a sharp kick before running off.

The doorman posted the video to Facebook, writing, “Anyone recognize her? Please share, this must stop. I’ve personally had enough.”

The video was shared over 230,000 but Facebook, interestingly, removed it.

Daniel responded: "Just let everyone know, my video has been reported and removed from my page. Disgusting.

"Thanks everyone for their support and to all the true 'scousers.'"

Merseyside Police confirmed they were investigating the incident.

“Merseyside Police can confirm a video posted on social media has been brought to the attention of the force and officers will be speaking to the individual who posted the video,” said a spokesperson.

Banner/thumbnail credit: Reuters, Mike Blake

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