Mumbai Police Do The Sweetest Thing For Lonely Elderly Woman

"She is like my mother," said senior police inspector B M Kakad, who helped orchestrate a birthday party for a senior citizen in Wadala, Mumbai.

It's tough getting older, and it's especially difficult when you know you'll be alone on your 83rd birthday.

A woman in the locality of Wadala, Mumbai, would have experienced just this — if it weren't for a few authority figures who stepped in to prevent it.

After living by herself for 25 years, Lalita Subramanyam's three children weren't able to visit her on her special day.

"She said her children visit her few times a year but are unable to come frequently," senior police inspector B M Kakad told The Huffington Post. "She is like my mother. She was very happy with [sic] birthday celebration."

When the Mumbai police found out, they threw her a surprise birthday party, which stems from their outreach efforts to vulnerable citizens, BuzzFeed News reports. The police force even has a specific helpline for the elderly should they need assistance or just someone to talk to.

The police brought cake and flowers for Subramanyam to make the celebration complete. 

Twitter users are wishing Subramanyam a happy birthday and recognizing the Mumbai authorities for their heartwarming deed.

The sweet story, it seems, serves as a beacon of hope in a somewhat dismal world.

Banner/thumbnail credit: Flickr, Vidur Malhotra

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