Beyonce Can Do Anything, Even Make Math Fun

A Louisiana teacher has come up with a brilliant method to keep her students looking forward to math class.

Everyone can recall a time they feared attending math classes, and were often left wondering how to solve a problem or remember a formula. To banish math fear and dread for her middle schoolers, a creative Louisiana teacher used Beyoncé’s “Formation” and replaced the lyrics with geometry lessons.

Ciera Paul, a seventh-grade math teacher at ReNEW Cultural Arts Academy, is now making math class more relatable and enjoyable for her students.

“I’m so crazy with my circular measurements. Pi times diameter gives me the circumference. I’m so reckless every time I square radius. I multiply it times pi to get the area,” the lyrics read.

Speaking to ABC News, the 26-year-old teacher revealed that coming up with the innovative lyrics took her about half an hour, and on Monday morning she surprised her students with the song.

"They were all just like this is so fun; this is so awesome," Paul said.

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After practicing the song for five minutes daily for two weeks, the students had easily memorized the formulas, and now have the keys to geometry at their fingertips.

Indeed all students deserve to be taught by teachers like Paul who not only understand their challenges and can relate to them, but also manage to come up with fun ways to learn. Paul didn't just deliver her lessons well, but crafted an interesting and interactive class that her students will surely remember for a long time. 

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