Lucky Man Discovers Million Dollar Lottery Ticket While Cleaning

An Oregon man was simply trying to restore organization in his home when he found an old lottery ticket that happened to be worth $1 million.

While cleaning out our purses, backpacks, coat pockets, and other storage spaces prone to clutter, we may come across a few bucks we forgot about or a pair of earrings we thought we’d never see again, but one Oregon man stumbled upon a misplaced surprise most of us only dream of finding.

Joemel Panisa is, apparently, a very messy person and recently got the urge to clean house to keep busy during a snow and ice storm that blew through the state. While tidying up his home office, he found a lottery ticket that he purchased almost a full year ago, Mashable reports.

Panisa took his ticket in to claim whatever winnings he had, but was stunned to learn that his little old forgotten ticket was worth $1 million!

What’s even more serendipitous about the ordeal is that the ticket was set to expire in eight days. He found it just in the nick of time.

This win makes Panisa the fourth Mega Millions $1 million winner since 2010, when the game was first brought to Oregon.

Must be nice! 

Banner/Thumbnail Photo Credit: Flickr, Mark Ou

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