A Goat Just Predicted Who Will Become America’s Next President

Forget the statistics. One goat from Scotland can predict the future, and he’s decided who will win tomorrow’s historical election.

If ever you’ve wished to call on a psychic farm animal to predict the results of the presidential election, your dreams have officially come true. You’re welcome.

A very special goat named Boots happens to live in Jedburgh, Scotland. This goat is not just ANY special goat; nay, this goat possesses the power of clairvoyance, BuzzFeed News reports.

Never mind the polls: Boots has recently predicted the American presidential election, much to everyone’s anticipation. Watch who Boots picks:

“Go do your thing,” a woman in the background said, after presenting Boots with a Trump sign and a Clinton sign. Boots goes and does his thing. “YES,” she exclaimed in response to Boots’ pick.

The winner is clear. Hillary Rodham Clinton will become the next president of the United States.

And if you doubt the ability of Boots, the Scottish Sun will ease any remaining fears, as the website previously reported that Boots accurately foretold the UK’s vote to leave the European Union. Comforting, right?

Twitter, for its part, has reacted positively to Boots’ big disclosure:

Boots also believes England will defeat Scotland at the FIFA World Cup 2018 qualifier, as shown in the clip.

Only a short time will tell if Boots’ skills remain intact, or if he’s lost his touch. We’re hoping fervently for the former. 

Banner Image Credit: Youtube Screengrab

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