"I Am Me": Malaysian CEO Bathes In Money And Jewels For Music Video

The video outraging everybody was “supposed to inspire people to work hard, not to show off my wealth,” said the Malaysian cosmetics tycoon.

It was easy for a wealthy cosmetic business tycoon to flaunt the money she earned selling her products to not-so-rich Malaysians in a music video, but it’s not easy to settle the outrage it caused.

Malaysian cosmetics tycoon Datuk Seri Hasmiza Othman, also known as Dr. Vida, was severely criticized for spending more than a million Malaysian ringgits, approximately more than $23,800, on her new music video, titled “I Am Me.”

But for the skincare mogul, the 45-year-old CEO of Vida Beauty, the video where she flaunts her lavish lifestyle wasn’t meant to show off the money she made over the years. "Those images of luxury were supposed to inspire people to work hard, not to show off my wealth," she said after receiving the negative feedback.

Yes, let that sink in: The billionaire facing lawsuits over alleged tax evasion and claims of selling dubious product claims wanted to “inspire” regular Malaysians to work harder.

In the video, Dr. Vida can be seen bathing in a tub full of money and jewelry, flaunting a butterfly ring worth 4M ringgit. For the skincare tycoon, this was necessary.

“I wanted a butterfly concept, that ring was ordered; later if anyone is interested, I will auction as that is not a normal ring," said the unabashed woman who calls herself "queen" and "diva" in her song.

Many netizens shared the music video just for fun soon after it was uploaded in July, but many were naturally disappointed with the inequality being promoted.

According to the World Bank, only 1 percent of the Malaysian population lies in extreme poverty, but low-income households make up “the bottom 40 percent” of the population.

She reportedly does have a history of rags to riches, as she had to sell rice and nuts to earn pocket money as a child after her father’s death. However, now, it seems like she isn’t bothered about what a middle income person must feel, after viewing her very lavish life style.

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