Man Actually Dies After Saying He’d Prefer Death Over Watching Debates

A U.S. army veteran died after the first presidential debate, saving him from the following two shouting matches between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

There is at least one man who is no longer burdened with the train wreck that is the 2016 presidential election.

A Pennsylvania man named George Norman Davis has gone viral from the grave for his witty obituary that reveals he once said he would “rather die” than watch the presidential debates.

Davis’ wish came true when he died last month just after the first time Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump went head to head

While his loved ones are surely grieving, he was actually spared from the torment of having to watch the vice presidential debate — which probably would have bored him to death anyway — and the two following presidential debates, which were both equally headache-inducing.

“At least he is no longer obligated to vote, firmly believing regardless of the outcome, the nation is going someplace in a handbasket and he would rather travel in the opposite direction,” his obituary stated.

The obituary doesn’t reference his age at the time of his passing or the real cause of his death, but it does note that he was a United States Army veteran who “liked country music, NASCAR, hunting, fishing, and making up wild stories about the latter two.”

The obituary also suggests he was quite a feisty guy, claiming the divine powers that be needed to be “convinced” to let him in.

“Thankfully, his wife Emma Lou, parents George & Nellie, sister Maggie, cousins Bill & John, and good friends Ann & Wade who have preceded him, finally convinced the man upstairs that he was too old to cause much trouble up there and it’s safe to let him in. Highly debatable, but God knows best.”

According to the Philly Voice, Davis is survived by two brothers, two sisters, three daughters, three grandchildren, and this spirited obituary

Banner Photo Credit: Public Domain Pictures, Peter Griffin

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