Man Bamboozled His Wife Into Naming Daughter After Pro Soccer Team

A mother didn't learn the true origin of the unique name her husband chose for their daughter until she was two years old.

One little girl named Lanesra will surely score brownie points with future boyfriends when she tells them the hilarious story of where her namecame from. 

A magazine recently published Clare Smith’s story of how her daughter came to be known as “Lanesra” and it has impressed soccer fanseverywhere.

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Smith’s husband suggested the name but they both agreed it sounded unique and romantic. Smith learned two whole years after Lanesra’s birth that the name was actually her spouse's favorite soccer team, “Arsenal,” spelled backwards.

Smith is actually lucky, as one Twitter user pointed out, other team names spelled backwards don’t make for such an elegant girl’s name. 

Whether you're an Arsenal fan or not, you have to applaud this father's ingenuity. What tops it off is how long he waited to reveal the truth to his wife.  

Waiting two years until after the name was already a part of the child's identity and she's aware of her own name was an even more clever tactic to make sure there would be no turning back in the event that his wife was displeased with the idea of her kid's name being affiliated with a soccer team.

Let this be a lesson to women going forward ... Try to be knowledgeable about the sports your significant other likes so you don't end up getting tricked into naming your kid something like "Looprevil."

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