Man Breaks Up Fight Between Two Teens On The Street

"Your mom and dad work hard to get where they at," the good samaritan says, as the crowd stands silently. "You think it's a game over here?"

In a world too full of violence and hatred, one man is making waves for instilling peace.

Two adolescent boys were fighting on a road somewhere, over something unknown and likely mundane. Sadly, a large social circle had gathered around to watch the fight, as is usually the case. 

But a mediator effectively stepped in and remedied the situation with a conciliatory tactic, dropping some hard truths on the youngsters in the process. 

The brawl was becoming frighteningly aggressive before the peacemaker intervened, calling those filming "cowards."

"Look, she's smiling and laughing," the man says, pointing toward the crowd. "They laughing." 

The man continues to point out the amusement of the bystanders, at odds with how upset the two teens are. 

"Who ill-advised you?" the man asks the teens. "Look around. Who ill-advised you?'

The man doesn't let up for a solid four minutes, and in the end, the two boys shake hands. 

"Man, this guy's a hero in my book," wrote YouTube user Bethany NW in the comments section. "Called the spectators out for the chumps they really were and straightened out the conflict. Adults like him leave a lasting positive impression on vulnerable lives. We need more just like him."

In a word: yes. 

Banner/thumbnail credit: Flickr, channing.wu

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