Man Called 911 To Report A Broken AC, The Cops Responded And Did This

A resident in Texas called 911 when his air conditioner unit broke down, and police officers and good Samaritans came to his rescue, buying him a brand-new one.

In a world that seems to be spiraling out of control right now, it's such a great feeling to know that amidst all the calamity there are still compassionate people

Last week, the goodwill of man appeared at the doorstep of one Forth Worth, Texas, resident. 

Julius Hatley placed a rather unusual 911 call to police letting them know that his air conditioner was not working. With temperatures reaching 90 degrees in Forth Worth, 95-year-old Hatley was drenched in sweat and had no one else to call.

Officer William Margolis responded to the call, which was considered a low priority by police standards, and found the man sitting on his porch.

Hatley told CBS/Fort Worth, "It went out last night, so I had to sit on my porch. My porch is cool."

Margolis told Inside Edition, "[It's] not our normal 911 call. But the 95-year-old part got us. It was getting warm outside. [He] didn't have anyone to call or anyone to help." 

When Margolis found out from one of his colleagues that Hately's unit had been made way back in the 80s, he knew he had to do something. That's when he took matters into his own hands.

Margolis and his partner, Officer Christopher Weir, ran out to the local Home Depot and purchased an air conditioner for the man. Word got around at the store about what the officers were doing, so some of the workers and managers went into their own pockets to help pay for the new AC. 

Officer Weir's wife, Jennifer, even took to Facebook to commend her husband and the employees, writing, "While there, Home Depot managers, employees decided to contribute $150 of their own money to help with the cause. This is what being an officer is about."

Both Margolis and Weir, along with another one of their colleagues, Officer Steven Rebovich, installed the air conditioner for Hatley. The 95-year-old World War II veteran told the officers once they were done how appreciative he was. 

Margolis will be stopping by to check on Hatley from time to time, and said, "In our eyes, he's the hero  not us."

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