Man Caught With Stolen Ferrari After Asking Strangers For Gas Money

After joyriding in a stolen Ferrari for nearly two weeks, a suspected California car thief sealed his own fate by stopping and asking strangers for gas money.

The latest of stupid criminals is a California man who was caught with a stolen Ferrari worth more than $300,000.

Back in October, the car — which belonged to Susan Friedman of Laguna Beach — was dropped off at the Ferrari and Maserati of Newport Beach service center in Costa Mesa for maintenance, according to local CW-affiliate KTLA. However, when Friedman’s boyfriend went to pick up the car the following day, it was gone.

“I was sitting there for about an hour … and then they come and say, ‘Sir, your car’s been stolen,'" said the boyfriend, Eadweard York.

No one at the center noticed the car had been taken until they looked through security footage.

“It had been missing for nearly 27 hours before anyone even noticed it was stolen,” York added.

Apparently, it was easy for the suspect to pull off the heist because the keys to the luxury vehicle were left on the seat. He reportedly lurked around the premises wearing a Ferrari jacket, spotted Friedman's keys on the seat and took off. 

Two weeks later, the car was located at a gas station but only after the alleged thief was seen asking for gas money. If begging for money to fill the tank of a Ferrari wasn’t suspicious enough, the suspect also didn’t even seem to know how to put gas in the car.

“After running away from the vehicle, the suspect was arrested behind the bushes at the entrance to the Holiday Inn,” Santa Ana Police Department Cpl. Anthony Bertagna, reportedly told the Los Angeles Times.

Unfortunately for York and Friedman, the car was totally trashed by the time it was found. According to York, the bottom of the car had been “ripped to shreds,” the dashboard had been “chopped,” and the interior was dirty and covered in vomit, among other damages.

The suspect was identified as 38-year-old Israel Perez Rangel, who has pleaded not guilty to felony charges of vehicle theft, grand theft auto, and vandalism.  

The silver lining in this case is that York’s girlfriend was paid out by her insurance carrier and was able to a buy a new car. This time, she bought a 2018 Lamborghini Huracan. 

Let's hope, for Friedman's sake, that her local Lamborghini service center isn't as careless. 

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