Man Causes $700 Worth Of Damage To 7-Eleven Over Bag Of Candy

In addition to lashing out violently, the suspect pushed a cash register and printer to the floor and threw produce at a cashier due to a 75-cent bag of sweets.

A man, reportedly angry over a card declined after attempting to purchase a bag of M&Ms, went on a rampage and caused hundreds of dollars worth of damage to a 7-Eleven in California, Inside Edition reports

The incident occurred at the convenience store in Santa Ana. Police published a surveillance video of the incredible disturbance, in which the suspect hit a cashier in the head and threw actual bananas at another. 

Police are releasing the video because it's been almost two months since the destructive spree, and they still haven't caught the criminal. They're hoping anyone with information can help. 

"In a fit of anger, the suspect struck the cashier in the head, pushed one cash register and printer to the floor, threw bananas at the other cashier, and pushed the other register off the counter," authorities said in a statement.

He is reportedly a white male between 30 and 35 years old. According to ABC 10 News, he's about 5-feet-10-inches tall, and 180-200 pounds. At the time of the rampage, he was wearing blue jeans and a green fleece sweater, plus prescription eyeglasses. 

If you (or anyone you know) has information about the man, you can call (714) 245-8647.

Check out the clip below:

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