An Actual Batman Is Taking Down Creepy Killer Clowns

Batman to the rescue! The caped crusader of Gotham city is chasing down evil clowns in Whitehaven to make the streets safe for children.

In a bid to curb the growing clown epidemic in the United Kingdom, a caped crusader has vowed to chase down the costumed killers and make the streets once again safe for children.

Putting a bizarre twist to an already strange trend, where people are dressing up as evil clowns and lurking in the shadows to traumatize others for life, a man in the British town of Whitehaven dressed up as Batman to chase away the creepy costumed men.

After all, if there is someone who could fight the clowns away, it’s Batman, obviously.

However, unlike the “Dark Knight” version, this superhero is not a vigilante taking justice enforcement in his gloved hands. As it turns out, he is just a Good Samaritan trying to assure local children that someone is looking out for them.

BBC Cumbria credits a local costume company, Cumbria Superheroes, for masterminding this innovative plan.

They also shared a picture showing Batman in action.

Whitehaven may not be Gotham, but it certainly needs Batman to protect it considering how clown-related incidents are rapidly accelerating across the country.

The social media account also shared a screenshot of a message allegedly posted by a local child, who was comforted after hearing “Batman” took down the clown.

“Hi Batman, my name is xxx. I have been scared of this clown situation (school told us about it yesterday),” the kid wrote. “I seen on my mammy fb [Facebook] that you caught the clown. This means I can go to school and not be scared, thank you for your efforts.”

“Hollywood has taken a sinister turn with its interpretation of the clown in recent years and if this is in turn coming onto our streets, where people are dressing up to intimidate members of the public, then clearly this needs some thought," Nigel Adams, the Tory MP for Selby and Ainsty, told the Daily Telegraph.

Since August, multiple (mostly unsubstantiated) incidents of people dressed as clowns have been reported in more than two dozen states in the United States — including North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Florida, New Jersey, Idaho, Connecticut, Texas, Tennessee and Phoenix.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Ron Phillips 

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