Man Falls On Top Of Crocodile While Taking Selfie

You just can’t make this stuff up. A backpacker slipped and fell onto a crocodile in Australia while attempting to snap a selfie, resulting in minor injuries.

Bottom line: Selfies with dangerous reptiles are ill-advised. This lesson was learned the hard way by a Danish tourist in his futile attempt to snap a photo with a crocodile, NT News reports. The man, Johnny Bonde, age 27, accidentally fell atop the croc in Western Australia, and the croc, of course, bit him.

Luckily, Bonde’s wounds weren’t too serious, limited only to his left arm. Still, the blood is a bit disconcerting:

He reportedly told The Sunday Times that he just wanted to get a little closer to the croc, which was resting at the bottom of a bank. In a frightening turn of events, Bonde’s foot slipped, and he tumbled onto the poor, unsuspecting creature.

At first, Bonde tried to act like it was no big deal once making his way back to the caravan park where his girlfriend, Kirsty Jacobs, was staying.

“I tried to brush it off a bit, but then it kept bleeding,” he said. “My girlfriend was a bit worried.”

He eventually went to the hospital, where his lacerations were tended to. He has a solid message for anyone planning to take selfies with the animal:

“P.S. Don't swim, pet, play or land on any crocs!” he wrote. “You will end up with a sore arm or even worse no arm . . .”

Truer words have never been posted. 

Banner Image Credit: Twitter, @BB_Collins

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