Man Finds $20 After Sinking His Teeth Into McDonald’s Cheeseburger

A Virginia man was shocked to discover a twenty-dollar bill inside his McDonald’s dollar-menu double cheeseburger after taking his very first bite.


Most times when you hear about people finding things in their food, it’s something dreadful or gruesome like hair or body parts, but one man’s cheeseburger made him $20 richer.

According to local reports, Dave Cook and his mother stopped at a Virginia McDonald’s for something to eat.

When Cook bit into his dollar-menu double cheeseburger, he discovered a twenty-dollar bill folded between the two meat patties of the sandwich.

While it’s still pretty gross to imagine biting into paper, especially money which is known to be a haven for all types of bacteria, Cook was pleasantly surprised.

"I was like what is this?" Cook said. "A $20 bill in my cheeseburger!"

Cook said two men sitting nearby witnessed what happened and promptly checked their meals for cash, which yielded nothing but disappointment after they didn’t find any.

Cook did not alert management to his findings because he was worried someone would try to claim the money — clearly, he was operating under the “finders keepers” motto. He later told reporters that if someone spoke up to claim it, he would return it.

It isn’t likely that anyone will admit to sticking the money in the burger though, because it would have had to have been an employee and they would undoubtedly lose their job for being so careless.

The McDonald’s location where the event took place now knows of the incident and has reportedly referred it to their corporate office.

On the bright side, Cook can purchase 20 more cheeseburgers in search of hidden treasures. 

Thumbnail/Banner Credits: Reuters

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