Flasher Gets What He Deserves Aboard A Bus Packed With Women

You mess with one woman on this bus, you mess with them all.

When a depraved man thought it was OK to tease a woman with his private parts aboard a packed bus, he immediately received the treatment he deserved.

The incident occurred in Turkey’s northwestern Kocaeli Province. A CCTV video shows a woman confronting a man who allegedly flashed his genitals at her and rubbed himself against her.

When he pretended to remain unfazed by the lady’s protests, other female passengers intervened and, seeing what the guy was up to, beat him up.

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The driver of the bus reportedly drove up to a police station, keeping the doors closed en route, which gave the outraged women more time to beat up the man.

The suspect is now under arrest.

Gone are the days when perverts could get away with their sick deeds unscathed. Women all over the world are making headlines for standing up to sexual harassment. In China, for instance, a woman in Nanjing caught a man on the metro train trying to take photos under her skirt with a hidden camera. Instead of ignoring him, she made him pay for his actions and forced him to chew the camera’s memory card.

In Florida, a woman confronted a creep who she said harassed her in the bikini section of a Target store.

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