Man Gets Arrested For Stealing Exec's Wallet During Job Interview

Criminal Shogo Takeda "needed money," so he stole the wallet of a company president while interviewing with said company. This is, indeed, for real.


One man in Japan was detained on Nov. 21 after admitting he stole a wallet in the middle of a job interview. The wallet belonged to the company president. You may sigh loudly while brooding on the state of humanity. 

The thief is 24-year-old Shogo Takeda, and the interview took place at an elevator maintenance company earlier this month, The Japan Times reports. The wallet contained roughly $450.

Takeda took it from the president's bag after he exited the room temporarily.

“I wanted to work for that company, but since I haven’t got a job I needed money,” Takeda said to authorities. Oy.

The president noticed the missing wallet and reported it to police, and only he and Takeda were together in the room for the interview. In other words, the culprit was glaringly obvious. 

Even worse, perhaps, is that Takeda left all of his contact information on his resume. Yes, including his address. 

Two words: epic fail. 

Banner Image Credit: Flickr, bagaball

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