Man Hit With Flaming Arrow During ‘America’s Got Talent’ Mishap

A contestant on "America’s Got Talent" is lucky to be alive after he was hit in the neck with a flaming arrow when his stunt went horribly wrong.


Something extremely tragic almost occurred on a live episode of the competition variety show “America’s Got Talent” this week.

Contestants Ryan Stock and AmberLynn Walker were performing a stunt involving a flaming bow and arrow that nearly killed Stock.

Walker was supposed to shoot the arrow into a small target being held in Stock’s mouth. Her aim was a bit off and she missed, sending the blazing arrow straight into the side of Stock’s neck.

Luckily, the arrow didn’t pierce Stock’s skin and instead bounced off and hit the floor — but his neck did catch fire. He immediately spit out the target and extinguished the flame by slapping it.

While it was very clear that Stock was hurt and in shock, he wanted to continue with the act, according to Mic.

The show’s judges, however, persuaded him to seek some medical attention. He later tweeted about the incident, assuring viewers he was okay.

Thankfully, Stock was able to walk away from the incident nearly unscathed, but that dangerous act could have cost him his life and scarred viewers forever. 

Watch the heart stopping moment below. 

Banner/Thumbnail Credits: Flickr

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