Man Hijacks Bus At Knifepoint To Get To Tim Hortons

Some people will go to extreme lengths to satisfy their sweet tooth — this guy, however, will go to deadly lengths, all in the name of Canadian-loved Tim Hortons.


If there’s only one thing you need to know about Canada, it’s that just about everyone is obsessed with the restaurant Tim Hortons. Some people are apparently so obsessed, though, that they’re willing to hijack a bus in order to get there.

The Huffington Post reports that, “Investigators say the suspect boarded the bus just before midnight Thursday in York Region, north of Toronto, and forced the driver at knifepoint to bypass several stops before eventually demanding to be dropped off at a Tim Hortons.”

The 31-year-old man then exited the bus and walked calmly into the restaurant. He was arrested at the restaurant a short time later.

The bus driver, however, told reporters that he was “shaken” by the “brazen crime,” but he expressed how thankful he was for the quick arrest. There were reportedly no injuries to the driver or to any of the passengers.

The hijacker is set to appear in court later today.

While this story is horrifying for anyone who had to experience the event, this might just go to show how good Tim Hortons donuts are.  

Banner Image Credit: Luis - Mano darbas

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