Man Tries To Rob A Chuck E. Cheese During His Job Interview

If there’s a will, there’s a way. One potential Chuck E. Cheese employee in Lexington, Kentucky, decided he would rather rob the place instead of work there.

Lexington police issued a press release stating that they are looking for a six foot tall, white bearded man who was involved in two possibly related thefts last Wednesday.

According to the Lexington Herald Leader, the suspect waltzed into Chuck E. Cheese and asked for a job application. He returned two hours later for an interview with the manager.

The job interview took an unexpected turn, however, when the man demanded cash. Reportedly, the suspect said he was armed, but did not brandish a weapon. The manager responded that he didn’t have keys to the safe and convinced the robber to leave empty-handed.

Later that night, a robbery took place at a Dollar General store, in which police believe might have been perpetrated by the same man. The dollar store employees obliged his request for money and he walked out with loads of cash.  

Officials are still searching for the robber, who seems to have gotten away scot-free.

Twitter had a good laugh over the ridiculousness of the thief, who undoubtedly did not get the job at Chuck E. Cheese.



Banner/thumbnail credit: Reuters

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