Man Intervenes After Homeless Woman Is Denied Water At McDonald's

A man’s now viral post describes a recent incident in which he stepped up after witnessing a homeless woman being rejected by a McDonald’s staff member.

A man named Jonathan Pengelly shared a very moving story about his encounter with a homeless woman at a Cardiff, United Kingdom McDonald's.

According to Pengelly, the woman tried to go into the establishment for a cup of hot water but was turned away.

“A lady, clearly homeless, was asking for a basic human right,” he recounted on Facebook.

Upon witnessing the cruel treatment, he decided to ask what she would like to have as he prepared to order his meal.

He said that he expected her to order several items, but instead, she humbly ordered one cheeseburger. Pengelly, however, knew that wouldn’t be enough.

“We bought as much as we could carry so I knew she wasn’t going to be hungry,” he wrote.

“I couldn't just leave this lady go [sic], she was so warming and so lovely,” he continued. “So I sat with her, on the cold hard floor, in the middle of winter and you know what I did? I cried my eyes out.”

He referred to the woman as "Polly," and after they ate, he said he invited her and a friend to his house where he cooked them enough food to last several nights.

“Polly and her mate have had showers, brushed their teeth and they both said they have ever [sic] felt so appreciated in their life.”

“I’m no saint, but this small act of kindness cost me about €20. I know 90% of people reading this will earn about 10 times that a day.”

Pengelly’s post has received more than 170,000 reactions, 17,000 comments, and nearly 40,000 shares.

Once McDonald’s caught wind of the post, they responded by clarifying that Polly was not denied service, but asked not to come inside due to “previous problems,” according to Metro.

“There is no McDonald’s policy to ban or refuse to serve homeless people,” a spokeswoman for the fast-food chain reportedly said.

“Working with the local police, our Cardiff stores have had to ban a number of individuals due to illegal and anti-social behavior which is why this individual was denied entry to the store.”

There’s no telling whether McDonalds’ accusations that Polly has caused trouble before are true, or just an excuse to justify their mistreatment of the homeless.

Regardless, there is no real defense for leaving someone, who has nothing, thirsty or hungry.

Banner Photo Credit: Facebook, Jonathon Pengelly 

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