Man Live-Tweets Woman Doing Yoga Upside Down In Airplane Seat

An awestruck man live-tweeted a fellow airplane passenger’s impressive mid-flight yoga routine while traveling from Los Angeles to Cabo San Lucas.


Most travelers can relate to the desire to make an airplane flight as bearable as possible despite the uncomfortable seats, minimal leg room, and being forced to share your personal space with strangers.

On occasion, passengers take things a bit too far by falling asleep on their neighbor’s shoulder, or kicking their bare feet up on the armrest, or in one woman’s case — breaking out a whole yoga routine.

Raad Mobrem — founder of the “WeDo” app which helps organize to-do lists — recently live-tweeted a fellow airplane passenger shamelessly getting her yoga on mid-flight.

Clearly unfamiliar with yoga, Mobrem made up his own hilarious names for the movements the flexible woman was doing.

According to Uproxx, the plane was headed from Los Angeles to Cabo San Lucas, and Mobrem had a front-row seat to the best inflight entertainment imaginable.

The woman folded her body into multiple poses without ever leaving her seat. She even impressively executed a full handstand, completely unfazed by the two people occupying the seats next to her.

“It was pretty bizarre but it was also pretty incredible at the same time,” Mobrem reportedly told Inside Edition. “She was doing it for like 20 minutes and then the flight attendant asked her to stop. In all fairness she is really good at what she does and she did it all without waking the guy next to her up, which is pretty funny.”

“Pretty funny,” is actually an understatement. The video clips Mobrem captured are downright hilarious, and there is no doubt this woman deserves some kind of award for both her dedication to her workout, and her outstanding stealth. 

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Kai Pfaffenbach

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