Man Who Was Paralyzed In Football Accident Walks Bride Down The Aisle

With a little love and dedication, this man, who was once told he had a 3 percent chance of walking again, managed to walk the love of his life down the aisle.

Chris Norton, 26, would not let an accident define him. So, after eight years of suffering because of a spinal cord injury that left him paralyzed, he showed the world that love can heal anything.

In October 2010, Norton was given a 3 percent chance of moving below his neck after an accident while playing football for Luther College.

In 2015, he got up from his wheelchair and walked across the stage to receive his degree by putting some of his weight on the shoulders of then-fiancée Emily Summers.

Ever since then, the pair have not stopped working to make sure that Norton is able to walk again.

On Saturday, the couple showed the world that hard work and determination can conquer anything. During their wedding in Jupiter, Florida, Norton walked seven yards down the aisle right next to his bride.

In an interview prior to the wedding, Summers said that Norton “couldn't take one step."

“His foot would get tangled up," she said. "He just got mad and said, 'Just put me in bed.'"

As they continued practicing, however, something clicked. Then, as soon as they became husband and wife, Norton, once again, did not disappoint.

Some of the 200 people who were present at the wedding were in tears.

According to People, Norton wouldn’t have met Summers if it hadn’t been for the accident.

“The accident brought me to her,” he said, “and that is the biggest blessing.”

“There have been a lot of moments where we’ve struggled. But anything is possible if we don’t give up," he added. “We want to be an example that life can be remarkable. I’m so blessed and happy with where I am.”

On Twitter, people were just as mesmerized as those present at the ceremony. Some very special friends also shared the video of Norton's triumphant walk, wishing him all the best.

It’s truly inspiring to see that a little faith and a lot of hard work will always pay off in the end.

As Norton said, many others like him will see him taking those steps next to his wife and will believe that they, too, are capable of anything. That alone should make him, and his wife, extremely proud.

Banner/thumbnail credit: Pexels, Leah Kelley

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