Man Raises Money for Wedding Of Best Friend With Incurable Cancer

After being diagnosed with an incurable brain cancer, this man's best friend is fundraising money to pay for his cancer treatments and his wedding.

In June, 26-year-old Lewis Thomas Davis was walking outside with his fiancee, Alicia, when the 26-year-old collapsed in a seizure, WalesOnline reported.

Once at the hospital, doctors found a lump in his brain. It was a tumor, which they removed 90 percent of. But just a few weeks later, he went back to the hospital for test results, and learned he had stage three/four glioma, which is incurable.

The doctors gave him just two years to live.

In the wake of the tragic news, his best friend from age four, Jamie Pritchard, stepped up to the plate. Pritchard set up a GoFundMe to help Davis afford treatments abroad, and also his wedding to Alicia.

"Even today, I still can't get my head around the fact my best friend of 21 years is going to die," Pritchard said, according to WalesOnline. He added, "I set up the campaign so Davis will have the best chance of extending his life. Davis will be able to search for treatment abroad to help extend his life."

In just two days, Pritchard raised about 2,000 pounds, or over $2,500 — but his goal is to raise that tenfold. So far, over 131 have donated.

Pritchard also wants to organize a music festival to raise even more money.

Any leftover money will go towards research. "He hopes one day that we will be able to cure the incurable," Pritchard said about Davis.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Gary Hershorn

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