Man Sends Divorced Wife Flowers And Heartbreaking Note

After divorcing recently, 17-year-old Morgan Lynn's dad sent her mom flowers along with a meaningful note. Warning: Tissues may be necessary.

Divorce is never black or white. Feelings are complicated, especially when it comes to marriage … or, sadly, the end of one.

Teen Morgan Lynn of Pearland, Texas knows that divorce doesn’t mean the end of love itself. “I hope people realize that just because you get a divorce does not mean you can’t still love [and] care for that person like you did when [you] were married,” she told the Huffington Post after a tweet about her parents’ divorce went viral.

The tweet features two side-by-side photos — one of flowers Lynn’s dad gave to her mom, and one of a letter he sent with it.

Lynn didn’t expect the tweet to go viral, but the masses found a mutual understanding of the tender hardship brought on by divorce among the simple photos.

The tear-jerking note contains double meaning, as Lynn’s parents used Kenny Chesney’s “You Had Me From Hello” for their wedding song. Lynn’s dad dubbed Chesney’s “Always Gonna Be You” as their breakup song.

Lynn seems to be having an understandably rough time with the split.

Twitter users, in a shining moment of compassion, extended their sympathies.

They also sent Lynn cute photos of dogs to lift her spirits.

Breakups are never easy — especially after a considerably long marriage — but Lynn is thankful her parents’ departure from one another is less than hostile.

“My family is all still pretty close,” she said. “It’s sad to me and my three siblings that my parents are getting a divorce. But we all know that they still love each other and care for each other.”

Best wishes for Lynn, and anyone else dealing with divorce. 

Banner Image Credit: Twitter, @shorrtstackkk

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