Man Spent Days Building $15K Lego Statue, Kid Demolishes It In Seconds

A $15,000 Lego statue of a cartoon fox from a Disney film was knocked over by a four-year-old boy within an hour of the Lego Expo opening in Ningbo, China.

The fragility of an artwork can be miscalculated – especially if you are four years old.

According to The Daily Beast, a four-year-old boy knocked over a six-foot-tall Lego sculpture of a Disney Zootopia character called Nick, an anthropomorphic cartoon fox, within an hour of its unveiling.


Apparently, the child’s parents were unable to control their little boy who managed to topple the life-size cartoon statue despite blockade ropes and “No Touching” signs.

The statue – made from thousands of Lego bricks over a period of three days and nights- was created by a crafty schoolteacher named Zhao for the Lego Expo in Ningbo, China. Its estimated value was $15,000.

Only about a third of the statue was able to be recovered with the majority of the sculpture scattered on the floor in tiny pieces. Unfortunately for Zhao, he only used glue on a small portion of the artwork.

Yahoo reported that the child’s parents were deeply apologetic to the artist for the mishap. 



Photo Credit: Facebook, Treasure Seekers Unite Shopping Project HR

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