Man Stole Cash Out Of Cars To Support His Fervid Pizza Habit

Chicago police arrested a young man after obtaining evidence from concerned residents that he had been breaking into vehicles and stealing cash.

A Chicago man named Dany Y. Ortiz is facing felony burglary charges after getting caught breaking into cars and stealing money to indulge his apparent addiction to pizza.

The 21-year-old was arrested Monday, following a string of car robberies that were reported in the suburban area of Riverside, according to RT.

Residents who witnessed Ortiz’s crime gave authorities the registration number of a suspicious license plate they had seen in the neighborhood and CCTV footage of a man wearing pajama pants, slippers, and a t-shirt while searching through cars.

During his arrest, Ortiz confessed to the burglaries — admitting he wanted to try a variety of different pizzas and needed the money to do so.

“This is one of the most unusual and bizarre burglary patterns I have ever come across in my 31 years in law enforcement,” Thomas Weitzel of Riverside police reportedly told The Chicago Tribune.

He assured authorities that he only took cash from the vehicles and left behind all other valuables including laptops and iPads. He also confirmed that he only broke into unlocked cars early in the mornings.

To say this case is strange would be an understatement. Pizza is certainly delicious — but not quite enough to go to jail for. 

Banner/thumbnail credit: Reuters, Paulo Whitaker

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