Woman Might Face Six Years In Prison For Not Doing Enough Housework

One man in Italy thinks he has no responsibility at home, to the extent that he has taken his wife to court for not doing enough housework.

Update: The 40-year-old woman admits to have left her husband in 2014, and went on to live her new boyfriend Tammaro Tavoletta. However, speaking to MailOnline, Del Bono claimed.

“I have always taken care of the house and looked after the children. As far as I'm concerned I have done nothing to him. I am a peaceful woman.”

It’s 2016 and it goes without saying that men and women both are supposed to share responsibilities when it comes to maintaining a household. But one man from Lazio, Italy, doesn’t agree with this premise.

In fact, he is taking his wife to court, her fault being that she does not do “enough housework.”

Apparently, her lack of enthusiasm in cleaning the house constantly has resulted in “mistreatment of the family.” She now faces six years in prison if found guilty.

The husband claims that they had to throw out food that could have been used, resulting in waste, and even said that he was kicked out of his own room which made him feel rather “insulted.”

The 40-year-old woman will go on trial in October.

What is interesting is that the man has said nothing about why he could not contribute in the house chores, or split duties with his wife. Even in this day and age, where men are taking on more responsibility of raising children, going on paternity leave and equally sharing duties with their female partners, this particular individual wishes to remain untouched as his wife takes on all the chores.

Apparently, women all around the world spend more of their time doing unpaid jobs such as house chores, while men focus on paid jobs. A major gender pay gap exists, and sexist men expect their wives to shoulder all the house chores single handedly, even if they also work outside the home.

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