Man Thanks Thief Who Stole His Car Stereo

An Australian man told local news that his car stereo was stolen, but he didn’t mind. He said, “If I could say one thing to the thief, it would be ‘thank you.’”

In Perth, Australia, a thief made an unusual move of stealing a stereo in a man’s car, then leaving behind some cash. In what would have normally been perceived as bad news, the car owner was pleasantly relieved to get rid of his stereo.

According to WA Today, a man identified as “Mr. Drury” had his car stereo stolen from his 1994 Mazda, only to find that the robber had placed a small pile of money on the seat of his car.

The theft was, surprisingly, a blessing in disguise considering that the audio system was broken anyway, and the car’s owner had failed at trying to take it out himself.

Drury told WA Today, “The stereo was broken — it didn’t pick up radio stations and didn’t read any discs — it was just rubbish. I had tried removing it not long before, but I gave up out of frustration. To get it out, I needed a special tool I didn’t have, so when I saw that the stereo was removed, I couldn’t help but laugh.”

To top it off, the robber even left cash behind on the passenger’s seat, as though to “pay” for what he had just unlawfully removed from the vehicle.

car stereo theft

Drury continued, “When I went to inspect it myself, I discovered $22.10.”

The amused car owner said, “If I could say one thing to the thief, it would be ‘thank you.’ Thank you for paying me for a service I was going to pay someone else to do. And by the way, no refunds!”

The quirky story triggered a memory for one Reddit user, who recalled an even funnier incident in which his family's stereo was stolen from their car after the Reddit user had vomited on it. 

No matter the reason for the theft, it certainly is out of the ordinary to discover cash instead of your stereo.

Banner photo credit:, Notwist

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