Man Tries Stunt To Impress Date, Ends Up Wedged Between Two Buildings

A man caused chaos in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania after he got trapped between two buildings trying to execute a dangerous stunt to impress his date.


A University of Pittsburgh student pulled what must be the most ridiculous acrobatic stunt ever to impress a woman he was out on a date with.

The man tried to leap from one rooftop to another and got stuck between two buildings’ walls, Mashable reports.

As emergency personnel tried to break the unnamed man out, Pittsburgh Public Safety Officer Sonya Toler offered an update to local reporters, “He is not quite on the ground, but he is wedged between these two buildings pretty well.”

The rescue mission reportedly took more than three hours, as none of their initial strategies were successful. They even tried getting to him by breaking down the wall of a neighboring Qdoba restaurant, but couldn’t get through.

Public Works eventually had to bring in stronger equipment to get through the thick walls and by 6 a.m. they were finally able to pull the daredevil out from behind the restaurant, who suffered only ankle injuries.

"He was alert and talking," said Public Safety director Wendell Hissrich. "Obviously, he was there for 3 1/2 - 4 hours, so he was obviously numb. He was able to move his extremities. All in all, I think he was in good shape."

Bruegger’s Bagels is another restaurant affected by the incident. They were forced to open late and informed their customers by posting a note on their doors explaining the situation and offering coupons on the next visit.

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One Twitter user responded to the Public Safety Department's updates inquiring about whether the guy successfully impressed his date, which they could neither confirm nor deny.

Officials haven’t determined if the man will face charges for his thoughtless act, but hopefully he has learned not to test his limits like that ever again. 

As for his lady friend, shame on her for not talking some sense into him before this epic embarrassment. 

Banner Photo Credit: Twitter @PghPublicSafety

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